Corporate events

Hotel Malibu Mamaia is the ideal location for team-building, business meetings, conferences and other events involving a high degree of formality. Our clients have the possibility to choose one of our 3 conference rooms: Tomis, Callatis, Ovidius.

The conference rooms have different capacities, up to 250 seats, and offer you multiple and modern equipment, modular furniture, classic chairs and modern chairs with writing pads. Each conference room is decorated differently and benefits from natural light and a flexible furniture arrangement.

OVIDIUS ROOM - 1st floor

It covers 418sqm, with a maximum capacity of 250 people in theatre arrangement or 88 seats in U-shape/school shape arrangement.

Equipped with projection screen (screen size 2m x 3m), video projector (3500 lumens), flipchart and supplies, sound system, 2 mobile microphones, coffee break room (with tables, chairs and sofas).


It covers 90 sqm, with a capacity of 40 seats in school shape/U-shape arrangement or 80 seats in theatre arrangement.

Equipped with video projector, flipchart with supplies, projection screen, sound system, internet lobby bar for coffee breaks.

It was completely renovated in 2020 and has natural light.

TOMIS ROOM - 6th floor

It covers an area of 105sqm and has a maximum capacity of 90 people (in theatre arrangement).

Fully equipped - flipchart with supplies, projection screen (screen size 2m x 2m), video projector (3,000 lumens), sound system; coffee breaks can be served in a booth or on the panoramic terrace overlooking the lake or the sea.

Conference rooms

For events we reserve the right to negotiate accommodation rates depending on the complexity of the services ordered. For personalised offers you can send your request to | 0731567014