You can plan a relaxing stay in Malibu Spa Center and enjoy various beauty, health and wellness services such as beauty treatments, relaxing massages, physiotherapy, roman steam baths, jacuzzi and saunas.

Opening Hours: 8.30 AM – 7.00 PM
Based on a previous scheduled appointment.
To stay in a wet and hot sauna or in a room filled with steam adds a plus of benefits to our mood and health. Undoubtedly sauna will produce real changes in your body functions. Your skin temperature can reach up to 40 degrees in minutes and the pulse rate will increase by 30%. This is the reason that your heart will pump twice the amount of blood every minute. You can even lose half a liter of liquid into a sauna session.
70 RON / 50 MINS
Experience the benefits of massage therapy including reduced pain, improved circulation, increased immune efficiency, enhanced focus, and more. Or enjoy complete relaxation alongside your significant other in our couples’ massage room.
Opening Hours: 8.30 AM – 7.00 PM
These services are available in July and August.
Beautifying procedures are not meant only for women any more. Even men can let pamper themselves. Hair stylists will create hairstyles on request. They will advise you on hair care and recommend suitable hair care products from the luxury L’Oreal hair products line. Malibu salon cosmetics introduces treatments for complete skin care. Perfectly finished nails are not only a good image for modern women, but also for men. The local manicure specialists will take care of a cultivated appearance of your hands using the world famous cosmetics ORLY and OPI. A quality pedicure does not only mean the improvement of the appearance of your feet, but also of their health. Our pedicure specialists will treat blisters, sore spots, and other damage caused by shoes using the brands ORLY and OPI.